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Window Track Cleaning Brushes with Dustpan

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If you're upset about the places that you want to clean but can't reach,our items are recommend.Here you will get the set of brushes and dustpans.We make dust collectors of high quality PP material and soft nylon bristles,which have strong cleaning ability and are not easy to shed.It is really good for you to clean the tracks inside the windows with this set.The bristles fits in the tiny crevices very well and takes the dirt out easily.After use,you can store it conveniently due to a hole in the dustpan and two-in-one design.


  • 🚪Cleaning set comes with three different colors,black,blue.Easy to use and store
  • 🚪Cleaning tools contain one brush and a dustpan,two-in-one design
  • 🚪Our brushes are made of high quality PP material and soft nylon bristles,have strong cleaning ability and not easy to shed(Tough enough,unlike other inferior products)
  • 🚪The size shown in the image is perfect for cleaning window crevices,door tracks,gaps,corners and baseboards
  • 🚪You don’t have to worry about the locations that hard to reach,it can get the gunk out nicely.Make your home cleaner


  • Product Dimensions:19cm x 2.1cm x 1.3cm
  • Weight:19g
  • Material:PP handle + nylon bristles
  • Color:Blue and Black


  • Window Track Cleaning Brushes with Dustpan