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Waterproof Universal Elastic Sofa Cover - 8 Colors

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Waterproof! ☔☔ Do not worry about fallen water ðŸ˜®

😍 Just renew your sofa!

Do not waste money to buy a new sofa. Just use our sofa cover. Your sofa will have a new look. ✨✨✨


  • Non-slip: The highly elastic sofa covers are flexible, soft and slip-resistant for long-term comfort. There are no straps required to secure this sofa cover in one place, as it remains firmly in the desired location without moving or moving.

  • Sofa protection: This sofa cover is a must for families with children and pets. It protects your furniture against dust, stains, wear and gives it a fresh look. (No matter what your sofa looks or feels like, with our slipcover it looks like new!)

  • High-quality fabric: This slipcover made of 85% polyester and 15% spandex feels soft and is easy to care for. Instantly enhance the look of every sofa in your home with these stretch sofa covers!

  • Durable And Affordable: It prides itself on its affordable elegance that enhances the decor of your home while maintaining the quality standard. The Spandex sofa cover offers a combination of high quality materials and cutting-edge design, without sacrificing comfort and durability.

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Material: polyester fibers + spandex
Color: 8
Size: single, double-seat, three-seat, four-seat sofa


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