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Waterproof storage tissue box

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Waterproof storage tissue box



  • Using a perspective window, the amount of paper is clearly visible at a glance, farewell to the lack of paper, simple appearance, easy to pick and place.
  • Fully sealed seamless size cover design moisture-proof and moisture-proof, innovative to achieve 360-degree sealing, direct water is not afraid, say goodbye to wet.
  • Drawer-style built-in design, garbage bags to pick up, no need to look elsewhere, easy to replace.
  • Semi-transparent black cover privacy storage, intimate design can put a variety of small objects, free to belong to your little secret.
  • Top storage, mobile phones, keys, aromatherapy and other small items to put.
  • According to the paper exit port, it is easy to cut the paper towel and tear the paper more smoothly.
  • Free of punching installation, configuration without a trace base, one click to press to achieve installation.



  • Product material: ABS+PS
  • Product size: 28*12*12.5cm
  • Packing capacity: 30PCS
  • Weight: 550g
  • Outer box: 715*645*510mm
  • Used for: paper, short roll, long roll paper, etc.



  • 1* Waterproof storage tissue box