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Water-Powered Turbine Cleaning Brush

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This brush makes these dreaded cleaning projects FUN and EASY!
Completely water-powered, this brush requires NO batteries or electricity. You just screw it on to any standard garden hose, flip the toggle switch and you’re ready to go!


  • PERFECT DETAIL BRUSH – Finally clean tricky, tight, hard-to-reach areas without backache and messy, scraped up knuckles. Each set comes with both a soft and a stiff brush head.
  • BEST WHEEL BRUSH EVER – With steady torque and a powerful scrub, this outperforms any wheel brush on the market. Way better than manual and preferable to screwing a brush onto your power drill.
  • IT'S NOT MEANT TO SPIN FAST – Steady torque provides maximum scrub. Speedy spin makes a big, wet mess.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA – Unique, useful and fun, This water-powered brush can be used as a detail brush to clean cars, bikes, motorcycles, patio furniture, siding, BBQs and more.

Just Add Water!
This brush is made of high-quality, injection-molded plastic meant to stand up to constant exposure to water. It won’t rust or corrode. The brush operates on water pressure alone and generates an impressive amount of torque! This torque, or turning force, produces maximum scrubbing power…all from your backyard garden hose! How cool is that?

Interchangeable Brushes
The Brush comes with TWO interchangeable brush heads – a soft black brush for sensitive surfaces and a tough white brush for serious muck. We also have two specialty brushes – sold separately. The Grimefighter is an extra stiff brush, designed to tackle super nasty mess. The Navigator is tapered, perfect for cleaning tricky, tough-to-reach mess.

Not Meant to Spin Fast!
The Brush scrubs with STRONG, continuous torque. It won’t stop, even when jammed into corners or tight spaces. It’s NOT fast. It’s POWERFUL. A speedier spin would only graze the surface of the mess and would leave the user wet and splattered with residual muck. Gross! Once you use it, you’ll see how efficiently it scrubs.


1 X Water-Powered Turbine Cleaning Brush