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USB Tester Current Voltage Meter Detector

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  • Simple little diagnostic tool. Functions well to monitor battery charging status. Shows volts supplied and amps drawn. Widely applied to test 3C products.

  • Testing voltage/amps output and power draw for USB-driven devices. Easy to read, helps identify which chargers put out the most charging current.

  • This USB meter has been a real benefit in sorting iPad, iPod, iPhone, cables and wall warts adapters into how well they are working for each of these devices.

  • A very handy USB power monitor to have around for checking both VDC and the current a USB device would draw with re-charging and go to zero when fully charged.

  • Unlike other USB multimeter, which displays voltage and current in alternate mode and you have to wait for the other mode. This device displays both voltage and current simultaneously!


  • Current Range: 0-4 A
  • Voltage Range: 3.7-30 V
  • Size: 64*22*12mm / 2.5*0.9*0.5 in


  • 1 * USB Tester 


  • Please allow slight measurement deviations due to manual measurement.