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Screwdriver Head Magnetic Ring

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  • EASY TO USE:Simply insert the screwdriver bit into the magnetic ring, the screwdriver head is instantly magnetized and can really hold the screw, easily pick up the screw and does not fall.
  • DURABLE & EXQUISITE WORKMANSHIP:Our magnetizer ring is made of high-quality stainless steel, magnetic fast, skid-resistant, and great wear-resistant, exquisite workmanship, high precision, anti-impact, anti-corrosion, no damage to the screw and the screwdriver head.
magnetic driver drill set
  • STRONG MAGNETIZER:Instant magnetization, strong magnetic effects, stay magnetized permanently. Leave the magnetizer on the tool for extra magnetic strength.
  • AN NECESSARY TOOL FOR SCREWDRIVER:Screwdriver magnetic ring allows the user to quickly and easily magnetize small tools and screwdrivers, they attract screws, nuts or metallic particles for easy starting and removing. Perfect for any occasion when needs to add screws.

    Magnetic ring effect

    • Tips1: The head of the batch is equipped with a strong magnetic ring, which is suitable for the installation of long screws and high-altitude operations and sucks the screws without shaking;
    • Tips2: The magnetic ring can be stretched freely. The double-headed batch of heads can be removed and used to remove the magnetic ring.
    • Tips3: The magnetic ring can move up and down, which can solve the situation that the original bit is not inserted in place due to the different depth of the cross groove of the screw;
    • Tips4: The high-strength magnetic ring bit is suitable for installing extended self-tapping screws and tail screws.
    • Tips5: The magnetic ring bit can also prevent the screw from being driven too deeply.

      • Material: Alloy steel
      • Inner diameter: 6.35mm
      • Color: Yellow/Red/Blue