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Ultra-Compact Adventure Travel Grill

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Make your adventures more memorable and enjoyable with ultra-compact and portable. Easily bring it hiking, camping or just have it with you for a spontaneous picnic. Impress your fellow explorers and bring everyone together with a nice grill party anywhere life takes you.   

GoGrill Adventure Travel Grill Animation

  • Ultra Compact & Lightweight: You'll never leave the Grill behind because it's specifically designed to be brought on all your adventures. 
  • Quick & Easy: An effortless setup takes less than 2 minutes and to clean; simply wipe the grill rods and slide them back into the carry case.
  • Extremely Adaptable: Two setup modes allow for a standalone grill with legs or an adaptable flat grill. 
  • Lasting Durability: It's made from 100% Lightweight Stainless Steel and built to endure your toughest adventures.   
  • Perfect For: Camping, Hiking, Climbing, Backpacking, Horseback-riding, Biking, Family Trips or just to have with you for a spontaneous picnic.