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Sterling Silver Toilet Paper Earrings

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Sterling Silver Toilet Paper Earrings. Commemorative 2020. 


  • Is your favorite store out of that much needed toilet paper? The hording of butt wipe got you down? Proud that you have enough TP to last you for the next 10 years?
  • We're offering here a set of amazing TOILET PAPER EARRINGS!
  • Just imagine, with these earrings you will NEVER run out of toilet paper, because you'll always have these 2 rolls! Buy now and get these amazing earring to commemorate the toilet paper shortage of 2020!
  • Be able to tell all your neighbors that you've prepared and won't run short!

Earrings are only recommended to wear, wouldn't recommend as a toilet paper substitute. Yes these are real earrings we're selling as a fun way to remember that time in history toilet paper was out everywhere!


  • Material: Metal, leather
  • Ear wire (hook part) is 50%sterling silver to minimize irritation.
  • These are approx 2,5" from the top of the hook to the bottom of the toilet paper.
  • Toilet paper is approx 0,6" wide.

I believe this is the most memorable gift to all that happened in 2020.


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