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Stainless Steel Telescopic Steamer

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Still using the old steamer? The gap in the traditional steamer will cause food to fall into the pot. Try to find something to help you to deal with this problem. Now everyone is using a new version of stainless steel telescopic steamer. With it, you can make cooking easy, and perhaps you will fall in love with cooking. Our Stainless Steel Telescopic Steamer will be a perfect gift for you.


  • Function: Can be used to steam eggs, and others. Screw can be removed for placing the plate.
  • Adjustable: Automatic opening and closing is very convenient, no need to pick the pot type, and is suitable for cauldrons and small pots. Free scaling for containers.
  • Flexible: Can be heated directly by water, the ring buckle is not hot so that it can't hurt your fingers. 

How To Use:

  • Just put the stainless steel telescopic steamer into your pot. 
  • You can also use it to place fruits.
  • You can use it to drain.


  • Size: small/ medium/ large
  • Weight: 0.33/ 0.43/ 0.47 lb


1 X Stainless Steel Telescopic Steamer