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Smart wristwatch with GPS

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🎁Be in contact with your kid 

at any site in any time😇

Your kids are innocent and their safety should be made a priority. Often time kids can’t sense danger or help themselves when faced with one. That is why as parents you need to know their where about as often as possible.

The Smart Wristwatch makes it possible for parents to see and know their kids whereabout via the GPS function.
With an android OS, the Smart Watch can track sleep, has alarm clock and can answer calls. Comes with a camera function to see your kids when you have to, and is made of plastic and silica gel to not hurt the wrist of your kids. Now you can have a reliable third eye on your kids, every time.

    How it works: 

    • Just insert the SIM card into the built-in slot to get the GPS tracker setup. It can be used by your local service provider.

    • With a few simple steps, you can track the movement of anyone who wears the watch. An SOS distress signal can also be sent.

    • Our watch can send and receive voice messages. It's like a more concrete and discreet smartphone. And because the watch is attached to it, your children are unlikely to lose it!

    • In addition, our product is also a smartwatch with many cool features for your kids, such as an interactive touch screen display where they can practice reading. It also has a built-in flashlight for added visibility in the dark and a camera with fast shooting.


    • Material:  ABS plastic + silicone

    • Size: 48 * 40 * 11.8 mm

    • Weight: 49 g 

    • Screen resolution:  240 * 240 IPS screen

    • Battery capacity : 400 mah

    • Waterproof: Yes

    • Communication function: Yes


    • This watch requires a micro SIM card (not included) to activate its call function.

    Package contains: 

    • 1 * Smart Wrist Watch

    • 1 * USB cable

    • 1 * manual