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Smart Multi-Focus Reading Glasses

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  • The Smart Multi-Focus Reading Glasses changes the focus for the user in real-time based on what they’re viewing. Unlike standard progressive glasses, people wearing  the glasses  won’t have to shift their glasses or heads to see distant objects, computer screens or near-print.
  • Multi-zone design, wide field of view, fast discoloration, true progressive reading glasses, resin lens, ultra-high transparency, clear vision, can meet the vision of different distances, no need to remove glasses frequently 
  • It is an eyewear which folds flat, but opens to show a curvy form which comfortably fits human head's arc. Its lenses are slanted a little to allow wearers to see things in front of them with ease. Finally,glasses folding flat acquire good portability and toughness.It can slip into a book you are reading or hang from the shoulder bag just like a lucky charm.
  • Use ARNO latest technology lens 2. Automatically adjust auto zoom farsightedness, myopia, astigmatism 3. Prevent blue light, ultraviolet light, protect eyesight



  • A frame type: Oval
  • Frame color:gold/red
  • Size Development: 155mm in width X 40mm in width in height X frame 145mm in width
    Folding time: 155mm in width X 40mm in width in height X thickness 2mm
  • Product weight: Approximately 15 g
  • A frame material: Nickel silver (nickel silver) 
  • Lens coating: Multi-coat (hard court, prevention of reflection coat) 
  • Ultraviolet rays cut: UV400 


  • 1X pair of glasses
  • 1X glasses case