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Simple Multifunctional Door Stopper

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🎈The best doorstop you need🎈

👍How it works:

  • This prevents slamming doors and doorknob impacts. Unlike traditional heavy door stoppers, it just requires a light touch without squatting for keeping it in place. This door stopper is also very stylish and suitable for any floor surface.See how it works:


🚶‍♂️How it installs:

  • Make sure your surface is clean and dry
  • Remove the protective film and glue the spring base plate to the floor
  • Carefully secure the spring to the base plate by sliding and turning it.
  • Stick the protector on your door


🌈How to remove:

Do not worry about your floor or your door. Although the bond is incredibly strong, you can remove the spring base plate and protector by heating it with a conventional hair dryer. Be careful not to burn your fingers when touching the hot base.



  • Simple but magical: hold your door open properly to prevent slamming doors and doorknob impacts
  • 0 accident: there are always accidents when you squat to keep the traditional one in place or it cannot hold your door properly, but 0 accident is guaranteed by this stopper
  • Easy to remove: leave 0 residues when you would like to stop using the stopper for your door
  • For various surfaces: work well on parquet, laminate, cork, marble, tile and vinyl




  • Color: black
  • Size: 18*8(cm)