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Sew Glue Liquid Sewing Solution Kit

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Quickly Mends, Alters, Hems, And Embellishes Without A Needle And Thread!

Secure Stitch Liquid Sewing Solution Kit repairs tears in a flash mend holes and hems clothes quickly and easily.
Secure Stitch Liquid Sewing Solution Kit®
Secure Stitch Liquid Sewing Solution Kit is an ultra-flexible fusing agent that bonds fibers together and dries translucent! You’ll find so many uses - quickly mend rips, hem pants, repair torn upholstery, bond patches & badges. It's perfect for crafting! It creates a washer and dryer-proof bond that works with materials from delicate lace to durable leather. No needle, no thread, no problem! Save money and time with Secure Stitch Liquid Sewing Solution Kit


  • The quick and easy sewing alternative eliminating a needle and thread! The perfect kit for all your liquid sewing needs! Won’t string when you apply it! Won’t bond to your skin!
  • Creates a clear, colorless, flexible, permanent, washer & dryer proof bond great for cotton, denim, felt, fleece, leather, suede, polyester, velvet, fabrics, and more! Perfect for alterations, mending, and hemming apparel.
Secure Stitch Liquid Sewing Solution Kit®
  • Includes 2 applicator bottles and 1 silicon applicator to allow for precise application every time! Use on a variety of materials and fabrics! 
  • Hemming is a breeze! Included Hem clips allow you to measure & hold the fabric together without pins – hem pants, curtains, table cloths, and more!
  • The perfect solution for crafting one-of-a-kind pieces; patching, applique, and other decorating!


      • Color: Pure white liquid, No particles

      • Net content: 60ml


      • After repair, fully cured at room temperature for 24 hours
      • If the temperature of the unused glue is too high, the shelf life will be shortened.
      • After freezing at low temperature, it can still be used after thawing at room temperature.
      • The applicable temperature range is -20 to 70 deg


      • 1 x 60ml repair gel

      • 1 x Silicone brush
      • 2 x Clip ruler