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Rotary irrigator

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  • Do you want to have an irrigator permanently? The garden irrigator will solve this problem! The automatic irrigator connects directly to the hose with the quick connector. All you have to do is let the water go, turn on the irrigator and start watering.
  • The irrigator can be placed on which side you want to wet! The irrigator consists of three nozzles that can be adjusted at any angle with a 360 ° rotation. Connect the irrigator to the garden hose using the quick coupling.
  • Material: ABS
  • 360 ° rotation, the spray diameter is about 1-15 meters.
  • Portable water inlet, direct connection to the quick connector.
  • The water outlet is evenly distributed to ensure even distribution of water.
  • Wheel design for easy movement of sprinklers.


  • Always keep the water supply before connecting the irrigator to the hose! Set the required inclination of the nozzle. Once everything is set, open the water supply.
  • The irrigator itself is activated by the pressure of the water. To stop watering, turn off the water supply!


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