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Retractable Self-Defense Telescopic Stick

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Have you ever stopped to think what you’d do if you found yourself in a threatening situation? Are you prepared to counter an attack? Did you know?  A staggering amount of crime is committed in as little time as taking your lunch break.

💥💥Preparing yourself and carrying a simple non-lethal defense tool could save your life. In times where you need to fight back,  Retractable Self Defense Telescopic Crowbar is a good self-defense tool to block an attack.


  • Easy and Comfortable - It is important that you choose a defense tool that is comfortable to use. This tool is for easy use which requires no special training or special techniques and can be both used by men and women.
  • Self-Defense for Every day Carry - This is designed with concealment and simplicity in mind, you can put easily conceal it in your purse or hold it in your hands as you walk somewhere any time of the day or especially at night.
  • Fast Deployment - It can be deployed in a fraction of seconds to allow the user to strike fast and counter an attack. The last thing you want during an attack is to have problems accessing your weapons.
  • Safe and Durable  - This a non-lethal weapon which is designed to virtually help you protect yourself in situations where your personal safety might be compromised. It is made of alloy steel, which is durable enough to block any sharp objects.


Material: alloyed steel, aluminum alloy, rubber
Minimum length: 24 cm
Maximum length: 65 cm
Weight: 745 g


1 * Retractable Self-Defense Telescopic Stick

Turn the tables in your favor during an attack with this
Retractable Self-Defense Telescopic Stick