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Personal Water Filter

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  • Clean drinking water anywhere --The hollow fiber membrane technology inside of the Filter keeps you safe during outdoor adventures. All of our filters are rigorously tested.
  • Long Lifespan --The Personal Water Filter will transform 4,000 Liters (1,000 Gallons) of contaminated water into clean and safe drinking water. That is more water than the average person drinks in a year!
  • Ultra-Light – Weighs Only 2oz! --No need to worry about lugging water on your next backpacking trip. At only 2oz, the Filter is an easy, lightweight addition to your pack.
  • Be Prepared --During any natural disaster or emergency event, locating safe drinking water is vital. The Filter never expires, and its small footprint makes it a perfect fit for most emergency kits.
  • Adventures Await! --Let rivers, streams, ponds, lakes, and glaciers be your drinking water source. With the Filter, you can access safe water anywhere.
  • Explore the World – Travel with Confidence --Whether you are filling up at a hotel tap, or drinking out of the Amazon River, your Filter will protect you from bacteria, parasites, and microplastics.

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1 x Personal Water Filter