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Non-Contact Voltage Tester - Buy 2 Get 3

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🙆About 80 million children get an electric shock every year, it's important to find electric leaks in time.🙆Every family need these tools
🚫Don't let unsafe appliances hurt your child🚫

The pocket-sized voltage detector

Easy to carry in your shirt pocket and with continuous self-test so you always know it’s working, the non-contact voltage detector allows you to quickly test for energized circuits in the workplace or at home.

✅The non-contact voltage testers are easy to use  just touch the tip to a terminal strip, outlet, or supply cord. When the tip glows red and the unit beeps, you know there's voltage present.

✅Electricians, maintenance, service, safety personnel, and homeowners can quickly test for energized circuits in the workplace or at home.

Product Description

  • 🆗When the pen tip senses or detects a voltage, it emits light and buzzes.
  • 🆗Built-in highlight white light LED can be used as a simple flashlight.
  • 🆗Non-contact type, sealed with integral insulating plastic, safe to use.
  • 🆗Long life and low power consumption
  • 🆗Easy to detect the line of fire and know which line has a dangerous voltage.