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Night Vision Glasses, Shield Your Eyes

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👓Night Vision Glasses, Shield Your Eyes👓

Have you been having trouble with nighttime glare when driving for some time? Feeling that those oncoming lights are going to blind you? Living in some wooded areas where night driving is painful and unsafe due to oncoming headlights and lots of deer? Our  Night Vision Glasses will make you no longer afraid of driving at night or bad weather. 


  • Function: Reduce glare, add contrast to your vision and increase visual clarity when you drive at night, dusk or rainy day. Ensure driving safety on foggy or rainy days.
  • Super-Light: No pressure to your nose even you already have put your regular glasses on.
  • Prescription Glasses: Specially designed for wearing over prescription glasses. It can be easily put on your regular glasses.

  • UV protection sunglasses are essential to protecting your eyes against UVA&UVB damage and keeping your eyes healthy when out and about. Keep your eyes healthy, bright and charming. Larger Field of Vision than ordinary sunglasses. Easily Fit Over Your Prescription Glasses.
  • Blocks dangerous, night-time glare: Blocks harmful UV rays and glare, improving visibility against reflective surfaces like asphalt-covered road, snow, sand, etc.
  • Light-Filtering: Improves visual clarity even under low light conditions and sharpens colors or edges of objects.
  • Get the aesthetic design, construction, and functionality of costly eyewear for a fraction of the cost. Polymer frames can bend and flex without breaking.
  • Extra-durable, black matte frame and rust-proof screws; lenses are corrosion-proof against alkaline conditions such as exposure to oceanic sprays.
  • 1-Size-Fits-All: sits firm and tight when worn.



  • WEIGHT: 100 g

  • DIMENSIONS: 2.5 inches (H) * 5.5 inches (W) * 6 inches (L)

  • FRAME COLOR: black

  • EYE GLASS DESIGN: semi-rimless

  • SUGGESTED AGE: 16 Years and Up


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