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🔥Hot Sale🔥Triangular-overlord Handle Multifunctional Drill Bits

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    SAVE TIME & EFFORT for your metal/wood drilling project!
    Ultimate Drill Bit is made of industrial-grade 6542 HSS Carbide and durable alloy to perform excellent high-speed drillingWith W-type slot design, it allows easier chip removal and reduces resistance, resulting in smoother drilling.
    Ideal for everyday drilling on multiple materials including steel, alloy, tile, concrete, brick, glass, plastic, wood and more.


    • Premium material
      6542 HSS Carbide and durable alloy with reinforced head prevent bit cracking and provide longer life.

    • Wide usage
      Strong carbide tip with spear pointed design can easily drill through various materials like tile, concrete, brick, glass, plastic, wood, etc.

    • Easy chip removal
      W-type slot design provides low resistance, resulting in faster & smoother drilling and easier chip removal.

    • Anti-slip shrank
      Triangular shank allows drill bits to be held tightly and prevents slip.

    • 4 Different sizes
      10 x 6mm(1/4"), 10 x 8mm(5/16"), 5 x 10mm(3/8"), 5 x 12mm(1/2").
    • Universal
      Can be installed in any standard electric drills.


      • Material: Hard Alloy 
      • Tool Holder Type: Triangle Handle 
      • Cooling Type: Outer Cold 
      • Blade Top Corner: 135° 
      • Category: Hole expansion drill 


      • 1 set of Multifunctional Drill Bits (2 * 6mm, 1 * 8mm, 1 * 10mm, 1 * 12mm)
      • 5/10 pcs * Multifunctional Drill Bits