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Multi Person Portable Hammock 3 Point Aerial Camping Outdoor Triangle Hammock Backyard

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Discover the future of camping with this portable giant triple hammock. Our range combines the comfort and versatility of a hammock with the safety and multi-occupancy of a tent.

The unique design allows groups of people to enjoy the experience of camping among the trees, suspended in pure comfort above the ground for greater separation from insects, predators, wet or uneven terrain.

Our triple hammock is amazing! It is the most durable and hardest hammock on the market. Reinforced with more than 20 meters of seat belt and secured with durable ratchets and straps, it provides unprecedented safety, stability, comfort and of course the best view in the outdoors.


  • Comfort and Protection: The unique 3-piece anchor system provides tension and tension to the hammock foundation, whether you sleep on the front, back or side of your hammock, giving you the most comfortable night's sleep you've ever had.

  • Multi-Person Hammock: This hammock deserves recognition. The stitching is amazing, no scratching, no cracking, and no corners were cut in the construction of this hammock. The hammock is durable enough for you.

  • Capacity: Designed for 2-3 adults and their equipment with a load capacity of 300 kg. Ideal for family adventures and group camping.

  • Installation conditions: All you need is 3 points (wood, pole or row) and you can install the antenna mat. 


  • Type of seating: Hammock

  • Material: Nylon 210T

  • Maximum load: 300(kg)

  • Weight: 1180 (g)

  • Color: Green, Black
  • Shape: Triangular

  • Size: 

    • Small: 2.8*2.8*2.8 m / 9.19*9.19*9.19 ft

    • Large: 4*4*4 m / 13.12*13.12*13.12 ft

  • Number of seats: 3.0 places

  • Indoor / outdoor: Outside

  • Package: 1* Portable Mesh Hammock, 3* D-Shape Buckle, 3* 3m Long Strap, 1* Storage Bag