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Multi-functional basketball rack

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The multifunctional basketball rack
Practical and interesting
The basketball stand is suitable for outdoor sports. The stand is foldable and can save space. If you make a trip or do not stay at home, you can bring that with you. You can also put other toys or clothes in your pocket. This is very cheap.


  • Multifunctional: The basketball rack is multifunctional and you can also put the toys or clothes in your pocket. The combination is very practical.
  • Foldable: The basketball stand is foldable and if you do not use it you can save the folding and the space. This is very cheap.
  • Easy to use: The design of the basketball stand is suitable for most doors and the method of use is also simple.


  • Style: everyday life
  • Package: 1 * a basketball rack, 1 * a bag
  • Matters: pastik and nylon
  • Weight: 500G
  • Size: 38.5CM * 33.5CM * 7CM