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Magnetic Double-sided Window Cleaning Brush

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❣️The most effective window cleaning method. 

Welcome to the latest innovative products🤗
magnetic window cleaners for multi-story houses, office buildings, etc.


  • Easy to use: Simply spray the cleaning fluid on both sides of the magnet and attach it to the edge of the window as shown (using extremely powerful built-in magnets).
  • Strong cleaning ability: This ensures that the Windows are thoroughly cleaned on both sides. These powerful magnets are carefully selected to ensure proper pressure to help remove any stubborn dirt and stains from the glass. 

Directions for use:

  • Please apply the cleaning foam with a cleaning brush ðŸµ
  • Please tie the safety rope to your hands in case the cleaning brush falls off accidentally 🙈
  • Put another cleaning brush outside and attach it to the cleaning brush inside 🙉
  • Next, please clean it according to your needs 🙊


  • Material: Plastic.
  • Size:4.48 in* 3.93 in 
  • Scope of application: 0.12 in-0.19 in single-layer glass

The package includes:

  • 1 * Magnetic Double-sided Window Cleaning Brush