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Magic Props | Easy Fun

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🤹‍♀️You will be a great performer with this!!🤹‍♀️

🎐Easy to learn🎐


Zig Zag Pencil: The pencil is placed in the case, visible at all times. The center of the case is now pushed out, as in the famous Zig Zag Lady illusion, and the pencil is seen clearly cut in three. You can even show them the three pieces separately. Finally, the center is pushed back, and the pencil appears completely unharmed. 

Crash Dice: The magician shows one large die sealed inside a transparent container. With a quick shake, the large die splits into several small dice in an instant. The container is opened and the small dice can be examined by the audience while the large dice vanishes without a trace. 

Rope Trick: There is one rope inside the cutting machine. Push the box and the rope will be cut into two pieces. You can see clearly the broken rope, but push the box back into place, the rope will be restored.

Magical Light: Rubber light-up thumb tip magic trick fingers, Magically light up the dark with your fingers!


  • Package Size: 12*5*18.5 cm
  • Weight: 100 g


  • 1 * Magic Prop