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Indestructible rubber gloves (1 pair)

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😧Do you still wear disposable gloves that tear easily?
😧Different gloves for different uses?
Stop wearing disposable gloves and get these indestructible rubber gloves now!👍👍

😍Do not worry if you touch sharp objects or broken glass, and say goodbye to accidental cuts and bruises.😍


  • Safety - These indestructible gloves are certified for use in food and therefore safe for handling food. With them you can bake bread, wash fruits and vegetables and make other preparations.
  • Protection - Protects hands and nails from oils and detergents and protects your arm from moisture and corrosive liquids.
  • Durable - Wear resistant, can pick up sharp objects such as floss
  • Non-slip - Does not slip when washing and it is easier to grasp objects
  • Good material - made of environmentally friendly and non-toxic, food-safe and odorless material
  • Multipurpose - safe and ideal for dishwashing, toilet cleaning, gardening, pet care, car washing, painting and other domestic activities.
  • Comfortable - Breathable and comfortable to wear
  • You can use your touch screen devices without having to take off your gloves


  • Size:
  • Color:white
  • Material: nitrile rubber

🌟Package included:

1*Indestructible rubber gloves (1 pair)