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Hirundo Self Grooming and Massaging Cat Toy

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Hirundo Self Grooming and Massaging Cat Toy is a grooming solution designed to reduce shedding and scratching in cats. This product features a softbristled grooming arch that is ideal for cats to rub up against to remove loose fur and scratch themselves. Order this grooming massager for your cat now!

Product Features:

  • Multi-Use of cat grooming, scratch, massage and play.
  • Arch shaped bristles will gently brush away hair.
  • Hanging toy mouse will provides paw hitting fun.
  • Carpeted base can be worked as scratching pad.
  • Easy to assemble and can be set up in just seconds.
  • Helps stop shedding & scratching to keep your home clear and no more hair.
  • Durable bristles are designed to remove loose, shedding hair while stimulating your cat with a massage, your cat will love this absolutely.
  • The arch is installed in a sturdy wooden base that can be fitted with catnip to further entice your kitty.

Package Includes:

1 × Hirundo Self Grooming and Massaging Cat Toy