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Hirundo Lovely Pet Selfie Stick

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Use our Pet Selfie Stick to get perfect pictures of your pet. The selfie stick attaches to your phone and holds a treat to get your pet to look up at the camera and practically pose for a picture. It's easy, fun, and produces the best photos!
  • Small, Flexible design. Our small flexible design makes the Hirundo Lovely Pet Selfie Stick easy to carry and gives both your pet and you access to various camera angles anywhere you go.
  • Sleek, Stylish design. Our sleek, stylish design ensures both you and your pet will look good taking pictures.
  • Unique Clamshell clip. Our unique clamshell clip can hold most treats and toys, making it easy to instantly grab your pet’s attention.
  • Fits Smartphones. The Flexy Paw fits most smartphones allowing all pet-owning smartphone users to create memories with their pets.
  • High quality, durable build. The Hirundo Lovely Pet Selfie Stick is high quality, durable build allows for a long-lasting product, capable of withstanding jumpy, excited pets.


Size: 5.7 * 2.3 Inches

Weight: 0.8 Ounces


Not Available for Children Under 5 Years Old.