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Handmade Kinetic Sculpture

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Note: This model is based on the manual bearing principle. The product is actually only part of the picture. The following drive device in the advertisement needs to be equipped by yourself! ! !

After you place your order, we will do the work for you. Normally the process will include cutting the wood, polishing, coating. Then there is the process of motion testing
after testing and adjusting we will proceed to apply a layer of glossy paint on the work to both increase the aesthetics and protect the work from insects,mildew. Finally we will pack the item and send it to you.

  • Looking for a great gift for your loved ones or for yourself?
  • These three power wood artworks are your answer!
  • It will run for hours per winding.
  • Balances the negative and positive energies of your space.
  • Helps you concentrate or meditate. Looks plainly stunning.

Style 1 Boomerang
Boomerang is a great gift for your family and art lovers.(Warm reminder, you may want to sleep if you keep staring at it不不)

This is a majestic and mesmerizing moving wall sculpture powered by manual bearing.

Style 2 Vice Versa
I played with the number of spokes, their thickness and their angle relative to each other. Eventually I found a design that I thought would work both visually and dynamically.

I tested the patterning by generating an animation of the design in motion. Of course the real test was to actually make the design. My first attempt wasn't quite right. It was still too off balance.

I tweaked the design and refined my center of mass calculation to more precisely locate the exact point. The second attempt worked as I had hoped.

Half of the pattern shows as collapsing fans while the opposite half is expanding. Just as that becomes recognizable everything is wiped away in a blink pattern. The constantly shifting rotation rates combined with this pattern creates a piece I find hard to stop watching.

More complex patterning wheels usually require a more restrained motion than less complex wheels to prevent the sculpture from becoming visual chaos. Duality has what I consider a more complex asymmetrical wheel design.

In order to fully comprehend the patterns created, the mechanism has to move the wheels in a more predictable way. Alternatively a sculpture like Infinity has symmetrical wheels so I used a more random and unpredictable mechanism to move it.

After designing the wheel for Duality I needed to experiment with the various motions I can create to establish the visually most exciting combination. Once I achieve that patterning balance, I have a sculpture!

How do they move:

  • Hamsters! Not really. Each of my kinetic sculptures is a wooden machine powered by manual bearing.
  • While visually interesting sculptures when still, they become truly fascinating when in motion.
  • After a simple winding they entertain with motion and soft sounds for varying lengths of time.


  • Material: Wood
  • Style: as shown
  • Weight: 300- 580G
  • Size: 35* 0.8CM
  • Packet: 1* Handmade Kinetic Sculpture