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Handheld Spyglass

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The All New Scope

This Handheld Spyglass is a long-range monocular designed for sailing, hunting, hiking, fishing, sight-seeing, photography, bird watching, star-gazing, police work, detective work, and more. It is the ultimate companion for any adventure.

It features a proprietary mount which makes it easy to pair the Handheld Spyglass with any modern smartphone

What Are The Specs?

  • Proprietary optic is designed from an ultra-transparent glass which helps with both clarity and light transmission. Most of our competitors use a cheap resin instead which hinders performance and distorts the natural color range.
  • 16.7cm (L) * 55.cm (W) * 7cm (H)
  • Weighs approximately 400 grams (under a pound)
  • Primary lens measures 42mm and eyepiece measures 26.5mm
  • Can zoom upwards of 800% as a standalone optic and upwards of 8000% when digitally zoomed
  • The design features a threaded port which means it can be mounted to a tripod. It also functions as a standalone optic.
  • Weatherproof - The rugged exterior is constructed from marine vinyl which makes the scope extra grippy in the wet and safe for use in the elements. Completely waterproof, drop-proof, and now fog-proof.