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Fashionable sandal with metal and Velcro closure

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The sandals for the ladies

Fashionable and sexy

The design of the sandal is in good fashion and with metal and Velcro the sandals look very pretty and graceful. The sandals are very suitable for travel or everyday life. The material of the sandal is PU and has high quality and therefore the sandals are durable.


  • Fashionable: The design of the sandal is very suitable for the current trend and well in fashion. That's why the sandals are very sexy and graceful.
  • Comfortable: The sole materials are imitation leather and EVA. They are gentle and when you wear the sandal, you can feel very comfortable and comfortable. The height of the heels is also moderate.
  • Wear-resistant: The sandals are very wear-resistant. And the materials of the sandal also have high quality and therefore the sandals are durable and wear resistant.
  • Good ventilation: The sandals also have good ventilation and are very suitable for the summer. With the sandals you can feel very cool.


    • Material: PU, EVA 
    • Color:Light tan,Apricot,Dark blue
    • Package: 1* Pair of shoes
    • Style: Travel and every day life
    • Size: