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Ethnic long scarf

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😍 Soft and Lightweight Cotton&Linen,unique summer scarfs!😍

It's suitable for outside, shopping, business trip, and chilly morning; Great gift for your boyfriend birthday, father's day and Christmas.


  • Cotton and linen have the advantages of environmental protection, ventilation, comfort, good drape.
  • The fabric has good elasticity and wear resistance under dry and wet conditions.
  • Stable size, small shrinkage, straight and not easy to wrinkle, easy to wash, fast drying
  • Weaving with all-natural fiber, low-carbon and environmentally friendly, consistent with the trend of international textile and apparel.
  • The appearance maintains the unique rough and crisp style of the hemp fabric, and has the soft characteristics of the cotton fabric, which improves the shortcomings of the linen fabric which is not delicate and easy to fluff.


  • When cleaning:
  1. Can't be machine washed: cotton and linen scarves have slight shrinkage, so don't machine wash! If you have limited time, it is recommended to put it in the laundry bag, then use the washing machine to wash.
  2. Do anti-shrinkage treatment: brightly colored cotton and linen scars are easy to fade. Before cleaning, add appropriate amount of ordinary vinegar to the water. Soak for a while to prevent the scarf from fading.
  3.  Washing separately: The colored cotton and linen scarves are easy to fade, and if the light-colored scarves are mixed with the clothes, the scarves will suffer.
  • After cleaning:
  1. Do not wring after washing, squeeze by hand to remove water,
  2. Drain, hang in a ventilated place, dry, avoid glare exposure



    1. Blue:170g
    2. Khaki + Brown:230g
    3. Wine red + Gray:230g
    4. Pink + Dark blue:230g
    5. Orange + Army Green:230g

    Material: Cotton&Linen

    Size: 29.5"Wx70.8"L (75CMx180CM)