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Closet Organizer Hurdle Hanger

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  • Meet Hurdle Hanger, our innovative take on an all-purpose hanger. It's designed to help you organize clothes quickly and easily. Declutter your closet in no time.

  • Hurdle Hanger’s innovative design helps prevent the neckline of your tops from stretching.

  • Now you can hang your favorite shirts, even turtlenecks, with ease. Whether it be tops or bottoms, you can hang your clothes effortlessly.

  • ABS is widely used for making all sorts of household and consumer goods, ranging from protective headgear to bricks. ABS products do not break unless you intentionally attempt to do so by applying excessive force.

  • The slip-resistant strips on Hurdle Hanger help prevent clothes from falling off.


  • Material: ABS

  • Weight: 99 g

  • Size: 40.5*12 cm / 15.9*4.7 in


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