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【NEVER FALLS OFF】The ULS's purpose is to grab onto the lens and stay on... once it's on, it's guaranteed to hold strong, gripping your lenses tight so that it's absolutely secure.

FITS EVERY LENSThe ULS stretches to cover lens barrel diameters from 60mm to 150mm fitting lenses from any camera brand… Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Sigma, Pentax, Tamron, Minolta, you name it!
FITS INTO ANY SPACEStretches to fit on any lens you have. Flatten and store it in a space as small as your pocket when not in use! Its rubber based structure allows the ULS to stretch and compress, without stress!

WATERPROOFYep. Waterproof. The secure fit and exterior coating keeps your lenses “zip-locked”— completely sealed from water and humidity.

DIRT-PROOFThe tight grip and seal prevent small dust and finely grained sand from entering any cracks in the lens. No more worrying about Earth’s elements.
SHOCK-ABSORBENTSmacking or bumping your lens should no longer be a concern; The ULS helps absorb shock and better mitigate potential damage to the interior/exterior of a lens.

FRONT & REAR LENS CAPIt can be used as both a front and rear lens cap for ultimate insurance of your lens.

VERSATILEStretches over Traditional Lens Caps, works with Lens Hoods, ND Filters and even covers Drones

Q1: Will it work with my lens?

99.99% chance it does! ULS has a stretch range of 60mm to 150mm! In a nutshell, every lens has a diameter that is in between that range of 60mm and 150mm minus a few extremes on both ends.

Q2: What if there is dirt on the inside (of the ULS) and that bit hugs the front of the glass very tightly?

The ULS does not come into contact with the front glass unless intentionally pressed to touch the glass or is taking a blow from dropping the lens. Dirt, by default, does not come with your packaged ULS. If dirt, fine sand or debris enters in the inside of the ULS, there is no need to worry. We’ve already infused a special coating into the material of the ULS, making it so any collected finely grained silent killers (dirt, sand, debris, etc.) can be washed off and dried, looking brand new, within seconds.

Q3: Have you tried using this lens shield with any lenses that have a twist-on lens hood? E.g. with the lens hood on and reversed (my usual transit arrangement)?

I’d be worried that this would catch on the lip of the hood and make it a pain to remove. Yes, we have! We have stretched the ULS over Lens Hoods both ways and it works just fine! Not a pain to remove and it doesn’t catch the lip of the hood!

Q4: I’m a stickler for Traditional Lens Caps, so what if I don’t lose my TLC? What benefit does the ULS provide?
Great question! The ULS:
1. Provides greater aesthetic-, glass- and internal-protection to lenses. 
2. Can stretch OVER the TLC creating a SUPER LENS CAP. 
3. Ensures the TLC never falls off.

Q5: When the ULS is mounted on the lens (stretched onto the lens), what prevents it from touching the glass if the middle of the ULS is pushed into the lens?

It would be a problem with the Nikon 14-24, because of the large curvature of this lens. With the Nikon 14-24, what prevents the ULS from touching the glass is the uniquely shaped fixated lens hood. Nothing prevents the ULS from touching the front glass except for the lens’ filter ring or fixated lens hoods. We purposefully included a protruding circle in the middle of the ULS, acting as a shock-absorbent barrier in case the lens falls glass first onto concrete. In no way do we state that the ULS is SHOCK-PROOF or DROP-PROOF but it is SHOCK-ABSORBENT in the sense that does absorb shock and increase the chances of lenses working after having been dropped. Our intention was to create a ‘cushion’ for the shape and glass of any lens and it still works just fine for a large curvature shaped lens like the Nikon 14-24!