Screw and Bolt Extractor Set

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Remove fasteners efficiency.

  • Wide Application

    Widely used in automobile repair, garage, construction site, household refurbishment, and so on.

  • Easy and Efficient

    The rounded bolt remover provides superior connection to increase grip to remove old rusted and stripped bolts.

  • Durable Quality

    Constructed from high-hardness steel with high-temperature forging, corrosion-resistant, sturdy, durable, and not easy to deform.

  • Right Sizes

    Always have the right extractor bit when it’s time to deal with broken or frozen screws.

Screw and Bolt Extractor Set

The broken and damaged studs and bolts are hard to remove with common tools.

  • Heavy-duty Damaged-screw Extractor

    Tackle frozen, broken, stripped, and damaged screws and bolts with this set of screw extractors. These extractors will help you remove even the toughest broken fasteners with high efficiency.

  • Large Gripping Power

    The aggressive multi-plane teeth feature a left-hand spiral design to provide extra gripping power and faster threading. Spiral flutes embed themselves to increase grip and reduce resistance.

  • Clear and Orderly

    Easily identify and select the most suitable size to removal bolt which saves a lot of time, effort, or energy while removing rusted bolts out, while the black oxide finish adds strength and longevity.

  • Neat and Portable

    Packed in heavy-duty blow-molded case for easy storage, it's ok to take it to anywhere whether it is in your garage or factory.


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Bought a 2014 Jeep for my 16 year old son. Someone had used an impact wrench on all 20 of the lugs so tightly , probably over time, they were mushrooming and rounded. Used a 3# hammer and tapped this bad boy on! Removed all 20 with zero effort. Pleasantly surprised. No damage to tool at all. I’d buy this again.

Tommy J. Home Improvement Enthusiast from Portland, Maine

I've had a stripped screw stuck in my car's speedometer for 1 yr and I have tried every set of extractors with no luck. This set got it out in 3 minutes!!! This is the best set out there and worth every penny!

Carl F. Home Improvement Enthusiast from Portland, Maine

I had a badly rounded bolt in a very tight spot in my engine compartment. I was able to jam the correct bit on and give the wrench a ton of leverage and by golly that bolt finally began to turn! This set sure did get the job done quick!

Jonny M. Construction Foreman from Sequim, WA