Micromolecular Lubricant for Equipments

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Micromolecular Lubricant for Equipment

High Wear Resistance
It can quickly penetrate into the surface layer of maintenance products, effectively reduce wear and tear, and prolong the service life of equipment.
Lubrication and Rust Prevention
Long-term lubrication will quickly form a protective film on the surface of the product, effectively resisting the corrosion of acid, alkali liquids and preventing rust.
Patented Design
Breaking the tradition, the catheter design avoids the danger of sharp needles, and the curved catheter tip makes it easier to penetrate.
Easy to Carry
60ml portable capacity design, can be carried around, compact and convenient, does not take up space; easy to use and not complicated.

Do you have these troubles too?

The lock is rusted and cannot be opened, the gear makes abnormal noise, and the machine is damaged after long-term use...

  • High Load-carrying Capacity

    Micromolecular lubricants can effectively distribute and withstand high loads and pressures, making them suitable for applications that involve heavy machinery or equipment subjected to extreme conditions.

  • Temperature stability

    Micromolecular lubricants often exhibit excellent thermal stability. They can withstand elevated operating temperatures without significant degradation or loss of lubrication performance.

  • Reduce energy Loss

    Mechanical lubricating oil can reduce frictional resistance during the operation of mechanical equipment, reduce energy loss, and improve the efficiency of the mechanical system.

  • Widely Applicable

    It can be used for door locks, bicycle chains, motorcycles, electric fans and automobile parts, etc. and can be used in various seasons and temperature conditions.

Applicable to Multiple Products and Multiple Scenarios.


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What are our customers saying?

I've been sewing for over 50 years. You name it, I've made it; I've repaired; I've tailored it and embroidered it so it's imperative that my machines run effortlessly. I count on Liberty oil to do just that: keep my machines purring like kittens and I've never been disappointed. Try it!!


The needle applicator is perfect for getting into those tight areas and it was easy to dispense the very small amount of oil on the very small gears where needed. Would recommend for any application, like a sewing machine, where a light oil and pin point application is needed.


I use this to wipe my metal surfaces TO clean them and amazingly... it works! I used this to clean old rusting parts of machinery that I was going to reuse. All I did was spray and leave it for a day. The next day a lot of the rust and gunk was gone with one wipe! I am very pleased with it.